Foam-core posters as an effective promotional and communication tool.

Foam-core installed posters are very popular in many industries, especially those in need to communicate a message to their customers about any promotions or current retail sales. The foam-core signs placed inside a store or in the window attract customers and generate initial interest and attention to what particular promotion offers.  With the right design and message, positive response from the clients is almost guaranteed.

NYprintSTAR designs and produces many types and sizes of foam-core posters. In this short post, we would like to explain the process of creating a successful and productive product which could be used in your sale campaign or to present your products on a big and easy to read foam-core signs.

The recent order we got from one of the restaurants in the Bronx, NY. NYprintSTAR was asked to design menu, print and install them on foam-cores to display them on the wall in the restaurant.

After initial sketches and draws we designed twelve menu posters represent the whole repertoire of dishes being offered by the restaurant. The design consists of black background and green text which complement the design of the interior. Then we printed them on coated paper using large format printer.

After complete al prints, each one was individually applied to a foam-core board. Boards used were all  3/16” thick and 24” wide by 36” high. Boards were white and had pre-applied glue on one side.

Installing posters on adhesive foam-core boards can be done in two different way:

  • For small posters and sheets – the most popular method is manual. Up to 40” x 60”, it can be done just by one experienced person. We usually use a rubber roller to smoothly apply paper to the adhesive board, metal weight to hold the paper in place and trim any uneven edges with the five-foot-long cutter.
  • For larger signs can be produced using specialized laminating and mounting machines. Unfortunately, pricing of such tools is usually cost prohibitive and smaller print ships usually utilize additional staff and large mounting table top,

To make the signs more attractive, we have suggested to the client beautiful walnut frames. Twelve completed menus (framed foam-core posters) were installed on the wall facing the customers totally changing the look of the restaurant. Restaurant staff has received many compliments on the new look and presentation.


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